Les lataniers **** Saint Leu Reunion Island

Les Lataniers **** Saint-Leu Reunion Island

Useful information

Piton Saint-Leu is 5 km away from the centre of Saint-Leu, 2 km from the ocean shore and at an altitude of 270 m. There are a town hall annex, a post office, two banks and three ATMs, several shops, a supermarket (Casino), a superstore (E.Leclerc), two petrol stations, garages and pharmacies. You will also find several doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, osteopaths, radiologists… Several restaurants offer Creole dishes on the spot or to take away, pizzas or semi-gourmet cuisine.


The currency is euro (€), since Reunion as a French overseas department and a region belongs to the European Union.


No vaccination is obligatory to come to Reunion. Tourists coming from a country affected by malaria may be contacted by the local health services during their stay.

Car and bike rental

In Saint-Leu it is possible to rent a car, van, motorbike, scooter, mountain bike and even a surfboard! All the well-known rental agencies are on the island and a lot of local ones too. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to obtain their contact details.


Time difference
  • + 2 h (in summer) / + 3 h (in winter) with France, Germany, Italy, Spain …
  • + 3 h (in summer) / + 4 h (in winter) with Great Britain
  • + 8 h (in summer) / + 9 h (in winter) with Québec
  • + 2 h with South Africa
  • + 1 h with Madagascar
  • – 4 h with Perth
  • – 6 h (in winter) / – 7 h (in summer) with Sydney
  • – 4 h with Singapore
  • – 1 h 30 with India

No time difference with Mauritius



Reunion has 2 international airports:

  • Roland Garros airport in the north near Saint-Denis: flights to / from France, Mauritius (flight time: 20 min), Madagascar, South Africa, Comoros, Mayotte and Seychelles.
  • Pierrefonds airport in the south-west between Saint-Louis and Saint-Pierre, 22 km from Piton Saint-Leu: flights to / from France and Mauritius (flight time: 45 min).

To come to Reunion it could be more interesting to fly with another European company via Johannesburg or Mauritius.
Through a holiday programme combining Mauritius and Reunion you have the possibility to discover the two neighbouring islands (200 km apart) that are very different from and yet complementary to each other.


Bus service

From Roland Garros airport, take the shuttle to the bus station in Saint-Denis, then car jaune 02 (literally: yellow bus) to Saint-Pierre and alight at Mairie de Saint-Leu. From there, take car jaune S4 to Saint-Pierre (par les hauts) and get off at Chemin A. Hoareau. From there, walk about 150 m downhill to the Lataniers which will be on your left.

From Pierrefonds airport take the shuttle to the bus station in Saint-Pierre, then car jaune S4 to Saint-Paul (par les hauts). Alight at Chemin A. Hoareau, then walk about 150 m downhill to the Lataniers which will be on your left.

To consult the bus timetables please visit: www.carjaune.re.

Itinerary to reach the Lataniers

Exploring Reunion

You will enjoy exploring this jewel, which is la Reunion, with its exceptional and diversified landscapes. The warm welcome of the Reunionese people will make you feel at home and appreciate the sweet life on the islands of the Southern Hemisphere

Reunion National Park, covering more than 1,000 km², features peaks, valleys, cliffs, gorges and natural water pools and is classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover our island by hiking in the mountains and strolling along the coastline. There is a large number of museums exposing you to its history and its culture. We suggest that you also meet the local craftsmen in their workshops or in charming little street markets throughout the island.

Enjoying sports and leisure activities

Reunion offers a very large range of sports and leisure activities on the ground, in the water or in the air.

Water sports & leisure: scuba diving, catamaran cruise, whale & dolphin watching, stand up paddling, flyboarding, snorkelling (with underwater scooter), kayaking…

Ground sports & leisure: splendid hikes for all levels, canyoning, bike rentals (also e-bikes), horse riding, quad biking…

Air sports & leisure: paragliding, ultralight aviation, helicopter flights, tandem parachute…

Saint-Leu and the west coast more generally are the ideal place for paragliding for both adults and children but you will be able to practice many other activities here too.

Please klick here if you wish to rent an e-bike delivered to the Lataniers or to find out how to benefit from discounts on various activities and with many service providers throughout the island using the savings card bouche à oreille (lit. word of mouth).

Dear holidaymakers. We invite you to contribute to keeping our homepage up to date by sending photos of your stay with us and of your holidays. We will be happy to publish them on our website.

Ecological actions

How we protect the environment

Monique studied biology and is passionate about nature and large open spaces. She has naturally thought of sustainability while carrying out the different construction stages on her property.


Managing water resources:
  • The tap water is heated by two solar thermal collectors.
  • Wastewater recycling takes place in a unique system that is new to Reunion: a small station composed of a large pit collecting the wastewater, 2 filters and 2 units of biologic processing called BIOROCK extended by a deep network of perforated pipes spreading the treated water into the ground.
  • Rainwater is collected in two infiltration basins. We are currently studying the installation of rainwater storage tanks
  • The mixing valves and shower heads are equipped with low-flow aerators to save water.


Lighting :
  • Solar lamps provide most of the outside lighting
  • The additional electric lighting of the paths works on timer.
  • The apartments and leisure areas feature LEDs and other energy-saving bulbs.
  • Some rooms are naturally illuminated by light tubes.


Ventilation and air quality :
  • The trees in the garden provide refreshing shade.
  • The walls exposed to the sun are protected by wood clinker (wooden layer with air gap).
  • The veranda roofs protect the glass doors from sunlight.
  • All apartments are equipped with louvre windows (tropical windows with tilting glass slats) that can remain open day and night (system against intrusion) letting air circulate naturally throughout the rooms.
  • Mosquito screens on windows and, in the new apartments, on the glass doors let air in and keep insects outEffective and silent ceiling fans add to these measures
  • A first solar-powered air extractor is being tested at the moment


Waste sorting and management   :

The community of municipalities has initiated a waste sorting system. The waste must be sorted into plastic, metal, paper and cardboard (yellow bin with green lid), glass (small bins) and residual waste (blue bins). Our waste bins are to be found in an open shed protecting them from the heat. Organic waste is disposed of separately. Explanation of how to sort waste are available in French and in English.

When we prune our trees, the branches and other organic garden waste are crushed. The mulch is mixed with mowed grass and used to cover the soil or to produce compost.


Respecting the environment

We kindly ask our guests to act in an ecologically responsible way during their stay at the Lataniers but also during their excursions into the natural environment of the island
Information on the protection of the forest and the lagoon as well as on the observation of marine mammals etc. is available in the welcome booklet.

Reunion Island



Un nouveau site, un nouveau blog et une 4e CléVacances pour bien commencer l’année 2016 !

Découvrir La Réunion

La Réunion est un joyau que nous sommes impatients de vous faire découvrir. Ses paysages exceptionnels et très diversifiés comblent les vacanciers, l’accueil et le sourire des Réunionnais vous feront apprécier la douceur de vivre en Outremer.

Le Parc National de la Réunion, couvrant plus de 100 000 ha, avec ses Pitons, Cirques et Remparts, Gorges et Bassins est classé au Patrimoine Mondial de l’Unesco. Lors de vos randonnées et promenades péi, vous pourrez visiter notre île, découvrir ses paysages côté montagne et le long du littoral. Les nombreux musées de la Réunion vous permettront de vous imprégner de l’Histoire et de la Culture réunionnaises. Nous vous invitons à rencontrer également les artisans de la Réunion dans leurs ateliers ou sur les charmants marchés dans les différents villes et villages.


Profiter des activités sports et loisirs

La Réunion offre un très large panel d’activités sportives et de loisirs aussi bien terrestres que nautiques ou aériens.

A Saint-Leu et plus généralement sur la côte Ouest, vous pourrez pratiquer le vol en parapente (adultes et enfants)

Sports et loisirs nautiques : plongée, promenade en catamaran, sortie cétacés, paddle, flyboard, mini scuba, kayak

Sports et loisirs terrestres : de fabuleuses randonnées tous niveaux, canyoning, location de vélos électriques (normal ou électrique), ballades à cheval, quadbike…

Sports aériens : Parapente, vol ULM, survol hélicoptère, parachute tandem…

De nombreuses activités sont disponibles à Saint Leu et dans l’Ouest / sud Ouest de la Réunion.

Pour toutes ces activités, nous vous invitons à consulter notre page Bons Plans : pour louer un vélo électrique livré aux Lataniers ou profiter d’une carte de réduction sur de nombreuses activités et auprès de plusieurs prestataires de services sur l’ile.

L’actualité de la Résidence les Lataniers est aussi la vôtre, chers vacanciers ! N’hésitez pas à nous transmettre vos photos de vacances et souvenirs de votre séjour parmi nous. Nous serons heureux de les publier sur notre site.


Le Blog des Lataniers prend naissance à compter du 1er janvier 2016

Nous vous inviterons à la découverte de la Réunion au fil nos publications sur le BLOG. Les vacanciers séjournant à la résidence Les Lataniers pourront également publier leur Carnet de Voyage !

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