Les lataniers **** Saint Leu Reunion Island

Wellness massages

The massages are performed by Audrey, qualified practitioner and member
of the French federation of wellness massages


Thai massage

Having a Thai massage is like “having done yoga on you by somebody else”. The stretching exercises, massages of pressure points and special breathing techniques favour the suppleness and mobility of the body, stimulate the blood and lymph circulation and rid the body of toxins (wearing loose clothes recommended, exercises on the ground).

Relaxing, toning or sporty massage

With the help of gentle massages, tissue and muscle massages and other deep-going actions, proper muscle relaxation, loosening of tension and tissue softening are to be achieved. The deep drainages stimulate the blood circulation, rid the body of toxins and improve the oxygenation and nutrition of the tissues.



The term aromatherapy covers various medical practices using essential oils. For your massage we will use the essential oil you like so that you can feel even more relaxed. You can choose from sweet orange; lavender, ylang-ylang or peppermint (others available depending on the season) (3 €)


Rates :

  • 1 h: 50 €
  • Couple 2 x 30 min: 50 €
  • 1.5 h: 75 €

Personalized massage
You will get the massage you want: relaxing, draining, sporty … together we work out which massage fits your needs: the entire body, back, legs, feet, head …


Massages upon appointment on-site at the Lataniers
Audrey Pasdeloup – Certified practitioner of wellness massages
Viva Massages –Tel.: +262 (0)6 92 25 91 84


The French federation of wellness massages practitioners’ only intention is the wellness of the individual. The techniques practiced in the absence of a therapeutic diagnose and treatment are not related in any way to the practice of physiotherapy or any other medical practice, neither in its content nor in its goals.