Les lataniers **** Saint Leu Reunion Island

Infinity pool and spa pool

Swimming pool area

A heavenly place … the 400-m² pool area is the perfect place to relax. The clear turquoise water of our infinity pool contrasts with the dark blue of the ocean. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view over the Indian Ocean while swimming in the pool or lying on a lounger on the sun deck. During winter in the Southern Hemisphere, chances are high to see humpback wales from the terrace, which is the most amazing experience for everyone.

The infinity pool is composed of a big weir basin facing the ocean and a small paddling pool. The pool area is safe for toddlers. It is entirely surrounded by a fence/wall with only one gate that is closed by a latch on top that cannot be reached by small children. This locking system is certified NF by the French national organization for standardization. Access to and swimming in the pool is entirely under parental responsibility.

Tan enthusiasts will be delighted by the sun deck facing the ocean. If you are not too fond of the sun, you will find sun loungers underneath some plants affording shade. More shade is provided by two big garden pavilions with Creole-style seating furniture made of exotic wood to read or relax on. You can write postcards or play board games on the teak tables.


The covered spa pool

The spa pool brings pure moments of joy and well-being after an exhausting day exploring Reunion on a long and beautiful hike or if you wish to simply relax. Its access is free of charge but reserved to the clients of the Lataniers. Each apartment is provided with a booklet explaining its use and hygiene measures.